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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

San Diego Zoo : San Diego Zoo Adds Two

The California condor population has just added two!

Two condor chicks were born last week at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Two other eggs are in incubators.

Best known for their bald heads, California condors live in crevices and caves. They usually lay one egg with a chick hatching two months later. California condors are considered an important part of the ecosystem and play an essential part in natures clean up. They prefer large dead animals like cattle and deer to feed on and they find their food mostly by their keen eyesight and can go without food for several days.

In recent years, due to poaching and habitat loss, the condor population had only 22 birds in 1982. Thanks to Zoo’s like this one, the population is up 300 birds. The park has hatched 165 chicks since the ’80s, when the last 22 California condors were placed in the captive breeding program.

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